Celebrate your child's dental health with us!

Be cavity-free!

At Hines Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that your child’s visit to the dentist should not be an uncomfortable or scary experience. We do everything we can to help your child feel calm and comfortable while we help him or her learn how to take care of his or her teeth; we’ll listen to kids, answer their questions, and provide gentle care. Our staff understands that a child’s trip to the dentist should be empowering. Kids should leave with the knowledge and commitment to take care of their own teeth, so we focus on prevention. We believe that keeping teeth clean and cavity free can be fun if kids have a strong motivation. We’re doing everything we can to keep little smiles happy!

Our Cavity Free Club

As part of our mission to be a positive, energetic practice for children, we have started the Hines Cavity Free Club, a program that helps kids to stay motivated to keep their pearly whites looking... well, pearly and white! This club works as a reward system to encourage kids to take control of their own dental health. It helps patients, and parents, focus on dental achievements, so visiting the dentist can actually start to be a good, exciting experience, something everyone can feel happy about.

How to become a member

Each time your child visits our office, they will be rewarded if they are cavity free. They’ll receive a free Cavity Free Club t-shirt and plenty of goodies. We’ll also take their picture, and Hops, our practice mascot, will welcome them to the club on Facebook. Our patients love the recognition and surprises they get from being in the Cavity Free Club; some patients have even commented that it makes them feel excited about coming in to see us. We’re happy when kids have such positive experiences in our office because we understand that healthy smiles start early.

Parents, this club can also work in your favor. Hopefully, you will no longer have to fight your kids to actually get them to brush their teeth. By having a concrete reward and motivation, your kids can be excited about brushing morning and night! And because we recognize our cavity free kiddos on Facebook, it is easy to share these positive visits with others! In the past parents have really liked our cavity free club and appreciated the care and individual attention we give to each child. And our Super Moms and Super Dads aren't left out, either; you too can make an appearance on our Facebook page!

Our fun, interactive, and caring approach to pediatric dentistry is one reason many customers say we are the best kids dentist in Columbus, Ohio. Besides our cavity free club, we also have other fun activities, like dress-up day. Come in and see our lively dental office for yourself. We’ll be ready to welcome your kid to the Hines Cavity Free Club!

Areas we serve: Gahanna, New Albany, Westerville, Blacklick, Reynoldsburg