Pediatric Dentistry in Columbus, OH

At Hines Little Smiles, we understand how important your child's teeth are in his or her early development. Primary teeth affect your child's speech skills, the growth of permanent teeth, and his or her self-image. There are many parents who believe that there is no need to care for their child's first set of teeth. We all know that they fall out and new ones replace them as they grow. But in reality, starting early with caring for your child's mouth will make all the difference in the future. How? Well along with what we have already mentioned, it also can keep your children's health in excellent condition, and helps when their permanent begin to show. It helps prevent expensive braces or other potential procedures that can create added costs none of us want. We are glad that you are taking the initiative right now to care for your child's smile. While they are at our practice we'll make sure your child gets that healthy smile, help to avoid early tooth decay, and establish an early foundation of good dental care that will last the rest of their lives

We Specialize in Little Smiles

Our goal is to make your child's dental health experience a positive one that will stay with them well into their adult lives. You'll love our qualified team, the expert care that we give, and your child will love how we make him or her feel smart and important. All our staff, Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Norman and Dr. Pagé interact with kids on their level. It helps them feel comfortable and excited about their current and future dental appointments. They get to actually be involved with their care, and will understand if and why they might need different treatments. We're great with kids, we talk with them and actually listen. Not all practices focus on the child along with their smile. We make it part of our mission to give children the full attention that they need. Our pediatric dental care will give your child a smile they can be happy to show off and be proud of!

A Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

We'll make sure your child's first visit and continued visits every 6 months to our pediatric dental office is a pleasant and exciting experience. For many children who visit our office, the trip to see Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Norman, or Dr. Pagé can become an exhilarating adventure of learning and exploration. We are specialized pediatric dentists here in Columbus, Ohio that focuses on making our dental care fun for kids. Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Norman, Dr. Pagé and their team help to form a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental habits. A positive first experience with our pediatric dental team will allow your child to feel comfortable with Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Norman, Dr. Pagé and their adult dentist throughout their entire lives. We'll motivate them to keep a healthy smile through them becoming members of our cavity free club! Dental care can be fun, and we promise that we will make the experience that they have in our office memorable and something your child will look forward to twice each year!

Schedule an Appointment Today

We can't wait for you and your kids to come in for an appointment to meet with Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Norman, Dr. Pagé and their oustanding team!  Please contact us today to schedule an appointment or have the chance to tour our offices! You will see how much of a difference we can make in your child's life with a healthy happy smile. Each child deserves a healthy beautiful smile that lasts for a lifetime. Our goal is to help create the beginning of an amazing smile for every child in Columbus, Ohio and it's surrounding areas.


Areas we serve: Gahanna, New Albany, Westerville, Blacklick, Reynoldsburg