Have You Joined Our Cavity Free Club?

Here at Hines Little Smiles, we believe that by instilling good habits during each child’s developing years, we are setting them up for a future of healthy, clean, beautiful smiles. Our team takes pride in knowing that we play a part in the healthy oral habits that will make all the difference as each child grows up. One way we encourage the best habits and empower kids to take care of their own oral health is through our Cavity Free Club, which makes trips to the children’s dentist in Columbus, Ohio more fun and gives them an extra reason to brush every day.

What is the Cavity Free Club?

We want to make sure your child is honored for their dental health achievements so they’ll grow up knowing how important good dental care is. When your child visits our office with no new cavities, they’ll get to be part of this exclusive club–and get all the goodies that come with it! Your child will receive a Cavity Free Club shirt, have their picture taken, and will be welcomed to the club on Facebook by our mascot, Hops the kangaroo. Every visit is a new opportunity to join!

Not only will your kids benefit from being in this club, but as a parent, so will you! Many parents have told us that this club has truly made a difference in their child’s lives and is part of what makes Hines Little Smiles one of the best children’s dentists in Columbus, Ohio. It will be that much easier to get your child to brush and floss after they’ve experienced our Cavity Free Club.

If you have questions, contact us today! In addition to our Cavity Free Club, you can learn about our events, our Super Parents program, and more.  

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