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Special Needs Dentist in Columbus OH

Every child is different, which is why the dental care that is right for one child might not work well for your family. To make you and your children as comfortable as possible, Hines Little Smiles focuses on creating a warm and serene environment where your entire family can receive top-notch dental care, regardless of their personal needs. In addition to offering pediatric dentistry to families throughout the greater Columbus, OH area, the doctors of Hines Little Smiles also offer dental care for individuals with special needs.

What Are Special Needs Dentists?

Special needs dentists focus on offering dental care to individuals who struggle from developmental, cognitive, physical, sensory, or mental impairment. Before appointments, special needs dentists can talk with parents or caregivers to decide what the best course of treatment is, and how the appointment can be tailored to prevent anxiety triggers. Special needs dentists offer a comprehensive list of dental services, but focus on creating a calm, serene environment for patients and families who struggle with these limitations.

Services Offered By Special Needs Dentists

Sedation Dentistry

Oftentimes, sedation is necessary to help special needs patients to relax and receive dental treatments. Depending on the nature of the disability, patients might need anything from additional anesthetic shots to ensure the area is completely numb to IV sedation to help them to sleep throughout the exam or procedure. Sedation dentistry is performed with safety as the first priority, and existing medical conditions, behavior, and medications are evaluated carefully before medications are recommended or given.

Preventive Care

Special needs dentists understand how intimidating dental appointments can be for their patients, which is why a focus on preventive care is so essential. In addition to helping their patients to understand and implement daily personal hygiene routines, special needs dentists might also recommend procedures like more frequent cleanings, dental sealants, or fluoride treatments to ward off decay.

Complex Restorations

If special needs patients are suffering from oral decay or dental damage, special needs dentists can also help with complex restorations to improve the health of the teeth. From tooth-colored fillings to dental crowns and implants, special needs dentists can help your loved one to enjoy a comfortable, functional smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Just because your loved one lives with special needs doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a beautiful smile. To improve confidence and independence, dentists can help with things like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and even orthodontic care.

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Benefits of Special Needs Dentists

Understanding Of Your Child’s Condition

One of the best things about special needs dentists is that you won’t have to spend a lot of time explaining the intricacies of your child’s condition—a process that can be frustrating and discouraging to some parents. Special needs dentists have a tremendous amount of experience with a variety of disorders, helping them to customize their methods for each individual patient.

Scheduling Simplicity

Depending on your child’s personal preferences, daily schedule, and disability, it might be easier to bring your child into the office when there are fewer people around to reduce anxiety. Special needs dentists understand this common concern, which is why many offer special appointment times for families with special needs.

Patience and Kindness

When you come to Hines Little Smiles for an appointment for your family member, you can always expect the utmost level of patience and kindness—no matter what kind of day your child is having. Our dental professionals will do everything in their power to make the appointment as stress-free and comfortable for your family member, because we care.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

The special needs dentists at Hines Little Smiles will also work hard to plan your special needs child’s appointments as efficiently as possible, often tackling a range of problems in the same appointment. In addition to giving you peace of mind, this comprehensive approach can reduce the number of appointments your child will have to endure and improve their overall health.

If you have a child with special needs, don’t hesitate to request an appointment with Hines Little Smiles. With a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience and a state-of-the-art facility, these special needs dentists in Columbus, OH will make your family feel right at home.

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