EZ-Pedo Kid’s Zirconia Crowns

EZ-Pedo Kid’s Zirconia Crowns in Columbus OH

The go-to crown; EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns are ideal for children in need of dental restorations. Due to numerous benefits associated with them, Hines Little Smiles recommends these crowns in use of dental restoration procedures. To learn more about these crowns and whether or not they’re right for your child, take a moment to read below!

What are EZ-Pedo Zirconia Crowns?

EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns are highly recommended for the usage in dental restoration procedures for your child’s teeth. These crowns are state of the art and made from the high-tech ceramic zirconia material. Like dental crowns that you might receive as a result of cavities or teeth damage, these EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns are utilized when your child’s mouth is in need of restoration as a result of damage. The process is beautiful, resilient, and natural looking. To summarize, here are the benefits to utilizing EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns:

  • A very strong and resistant ceramic
  • The finish is a beautiful polychromatic which mimics the natural appearance of your child’s teeth; resulting in a seamless blend
  • The sizes are custom designed in order to fit nearly every scenario; perfect for any child
  • The mold used to ensure the precision fitting easily rests in your child’s mouth.

Is EZ-Pedo Zirconia Crowns Right for Your Child?

For the most part, children will not need to utilize EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns unless some sort of damage occurs to their teeth. Hines Little Smiles likes to focus on preventive care and education in order to ensure that your child knows how to take care of their teeth and gums through regular cleanings and flossing. With that in mind, sometimes dental damage is unavoidable for one reason or another and should that reason arise, that is when EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns would likely be right for your child to make sure that their mouth is functional and healthy. Before deciding whether or not a restoration procedure is right, though, it is best that you bring your child in for an assessment.

How is the procedure performed?

Prior to the procedure, a thorough inspection of your child’s teeth is done in order to diagnosis whether or not the crown is the best technique for your child’s oral restoration. If it is, then a mold is taken of your child’s teeth in order for a perfect crown to be made to fit your child. Once we receive the crown, we will perform the procedure; preparing the area and seating the crown in your child’s mouth. An anesthetic can be provided to minimize the discomfort your child may feel.

Make an Appointment

If your child is in need of a dental restoration procedure, then for the reasons listed above, we highly recommend EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns! Should you like to make an appointment for a pediatric dentistry procedure, contact us . If you have any questions regarding the services we offer, do not hesitate to ask us as Hines Little Smiles is here to help you and your child! We are proud to serve the greater Columbus area and have made it our mission to keep your child’s smile healthy and happy.

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