Why We Chose Pediatric Dentistry

Parents often ask us why we chose Columbus pediatric dentistry for our careers, especially since there are specialties that offer calmer, more willing patients. However, here at Hines Little Smiles, we wouldn’t change a thing about our jobs. We love meeting new kids, helping children to overcome their fear of the dentist, and restoring little mouths to perfect health. Here are a few other reasons we adore our work.

Early Childhood Tooth Decay Is Preventable

Although often overlooked, early childhood tooth decay is the number one illness affecting kids, five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. 16 million children suffer from tooth decay, making it hard for them to eat, talk, and sleep comfortably. However, this common ailment is completely preventable and treatable, which is why pediatric dentistry is so crucial.

Through careful examinations, proactive treatments, and preventive measures, we can keep your little one’s teeth healthy and strong. Our team at Hines Little Smiles also focuses on teaching healthy dental routine habits, so that your kids can develop oral hygiene practices that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

It’s Simple: We Love Kids

There are a lot of dentists out there, even dentists who have their own kids and who offer pediatric services, who don’t enjoy working with children. However, here at Hines Little Smiles, we truly love kids and we make it a point to make our office welcoming, fun, and interesting for little ones.

Our office is very kid-centric, designed and decorated to appeal to your children. We even have tooth-themed, kid-sized chairs for children to use while they wait for their appointment, along with a large array of toys and books. We make it a point to include parents in the treatment process to make the visit less intimidating for kids. For example, parents are often asked to hold their children on their lap while one of our clinicians examines your child’s teeth. It’s little details like these that help our patients to remain calm and content—while simultaneously learning the importance of proper dental care.  

If you are looking for a children’s dentist in Columbus Ohio, make an appointment with Hines Little Smiles today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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we can't wait to meet you

we can't wait to meet you

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