When Should I Bring My Child to See Dr. Hines?

According to most pediatric associations it may be earlier than you think, tooth decay can start as soon as the first tooth comes in. At Hines Little Smiles we recommend that you bring your child in for his or her first check-up no later than their first birthday, or 6 months after their first tooth comes in.

What Can I Expect On The First Visit?

Your son or daughter’s first visit is an exciting time for them and for our staff. This appointment is to help your child get used to our office and educate the parent and child on maintaining a healthy happy smile. Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Vollmar, and the rest of our friendly staff will provide guidance for caring for your child’s new teeth, including positive habits to start implementing right away, such as brushing, flossing and fluoride. Our specially trained staff will teach your son or daughter the importance of good oral health in a fun and interactive way. We will also be able to identify any fluoride needs your child may have. Our helpful staff will communicate with your child to ease their anxiety and help them enjoy dental hygiene.  One of our goals is to make our practice a place of education so that your family can become independently healthy.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

We understand that baby teeth are temporary, and that more permanent teeth, or adult teeth, will replace them beginning around 6 years of age, however good oral hygiene habits should be developed when the first teeth come in. When the baby teeth are not healthy several problems can occur. The ability to learn how to eat and eating habits of a child can be affected if there is not proper oral hygiene. If the baby teeth are damaged by decay or gum disease it can damage the permanent teeth underneath them. Also affected is the growth and development of the gums and jaw bone. The gums and jaw bone grow and develop based on the baby teeth. How these are formed will affect the health and position of the adult teeth.

At Hines Little Smiles we know that there is more to your child than a healthy smile. Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Vollmar, and their experienced staff will make the extra effort to make your child feel smart and important as they teach them skills to have a healthy happy smile.

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