What if My Child Knocks Out a Permanent Tooth?

Kids run around without a care in the world. As much as we all appreciate and love this characteristic, we know that it can lead to problems. From an oral hygiene point of view, it’s easy to chip, crack or knock out a tooth with one trip or fall. If it’s a baby tooth (primary), while it might not be nice, at least you know a permanent one will grow back in its place.

But, what should you do when your son or daughter knocks out a permanent tooth? How are you supposed to react? Here are the tips you must remember before contacting a pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Stop The Bleeding

There will be quite a bit of blood if the tooth comes clean out, and the first course of action is to prevent the bleeding as much as possible. As long as you have a piece of cloth or tissue that you can use as gauze, it isn’t too tricky. Just apply it to the affected area and use pressure to keep it in place. If you need to call an emergency dentist, ask your child to bite down so that the gauze doesn’t loosen.

Find The Tooth And Handle With Care

A pediatric dentist can (and should) never guarantee results, but it is easier to find a solution if you have the tooth. With that in mind, be sure to look for it and handle it with care. That means watching your step – you don’t want to step on it and crack it – and holding it from the crown rather than the root. Also, wash it with water or milk only. Milk has similar qualities to teeth and won’t do any harm, unlike soap or disinfectant.

Try And Put It Back Into Place

To do this, you need to find the missing tooth quickly and get your child to cooperate. Then, it’s essential to press down with enough pressure so that it is level with the teeth on either side of the affected area. To keep it in place, put a soft piece of tissue or gauze over it and get them to bite down.

Cover It In Milk

Your child might be traumatized by the incident and might not be comfortable with trying to reinsert their tooth. In that case, you need to place it in milk and let it bathe while you head to a pediatric dentist for their help. You can do this by using a cup or a small plastic bag. Alternatively, saliva is effective too. Either put the tooth in your mouth or get them to spit in a bowl if you’re worried about swallowing it unintentionally.

If neither option is available, then you should opt for a wet cloth.

What You Need To Know

Your child should see a pediatric dentist as soon as possible. As a rule, it’s best to get advice within one hour of the incident.

For any more information about children and their teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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