Toothpaste: When Should We Begin Using it and How Much to Use

If you want to avoid dental health issues in your child, it is important that you teach them good habits from a young age. But many parents are unsure about when they should start brushing their child’s teeth with toothpaste.

As soon as your child is born, it is vital that you clean their gums with some water and a specific toothbrush that is designed for infants. At this stage, you do not need to use toothpaste. When your child’s first tooth begins to emerge, it is important that you schedule an appointment right away. We recommend that, even if your child does not have their first tooth yet, you bring them in for an initial dental health checkup when they are a year old.

When your child starts to get their first teeth, it is important that you start brushing their teeth twice a day using a good quality fluoride toothpaste. Always use a toothbrush with soft bristles that is designed for their specific age group. If you are unsure about which products are best, our pediatric dentistry experts can advise you.

To begin with, you will only need a small smear of toothpaste on the brush, but as your child gets older, you should increase the amount that you use. By age two, you should be using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Continue brushing their teeth in this way until they are around five years old.

When it is time to start letting your child brush their own teeth, you need to make sure that you encourage the correct technique. Brushing too hard, for example, can cause erosion of the gums and lead to soreness. Many young children will also try to eat toothpaste or swallow it by accident, so you need to discourage that. Teach them how to rinse and spit properly from an early age and you can easily deal with this issue.

The best way to encourage good dental hygiene practices from an early age is to make brushing fun for your child. There are many special toothbrushes decorated with popular children’s characters and flavored toothpaste can encourage regular brushing as well. However, it is important to check that the toothpaste you use has a good fluoride content. Our pediatric dentists can help you to find the perfect products to encourage regular brushing in young children.

If you can instill good dental hygiene practices in your child from an early age, you can reduce the chances of dental health problems in the future. However, you need to closely monitor their brushing habits and keep a close eye on their dental health. If you do notice any potential problems, schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentistry professionals today. Our expert team can offer guidance on dental hygiene for your child and diagnose any dental health issues. If treatment is required, we are here to help. Good dental hygiene is so important and you can’t take any chances. If you are concerned about your child’s dental health for any reason, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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