Making Dental Checkups a Positive Experience

Finding a great kids dentist in Columbus, Ohio isn’t always the easiest experience. As a parent, you want your kids – especially your youngest ones – to have positive dental experiences. This fosters a lifetime of healthy oral habits, something that’s great for every child.

Hines Little Smiles is a Columbus pediatric dentistry practice dedicated to making every child’s experience in the dental chair a great one.

That is certainly a tall task, but at Hines Little Smiles we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Every dentist employed here is trained specifically in pediatric dentistry, and the office environment is geared towards creating a welcoming place for children.

Some of the qualities that makes Hines Little Smiles such a great place for pediatric dentistry are:

  • Toys and bright colors in the office
  • A friendly staff trained to work with children
  • Incentives for children to take care of their teeth, such as the Cavity-Free Club
  • Vocal control
  • All our dentists are trained in the tell-show-do technique, which helps make children infinitely more comfortable with any dental procedure.
  • A “Patient of the Day” award to make kids feel special when they have an exceptionally great experience at Hines

Making checkups a positive experience is a necessary first step not just in oral health, but overall health as well. While you may not think that your child’s baby teeth need as much attention as their adult teeth do, the opposite is in fact true.

Healthy teeth improve speech, make it easier for children to eat (which leads to proper nutrition and a healthy diet) and they also give kids confidence in their smile. For a young kid in elementary school, confidence can go a long way in ensuring they’re happy.

Hines treats children aged 1-18, including those with special needs. It’s recommended that you bring your children in for dental care at age 1, or as soon as their first teeth pop up. Since these baby teeth are so important in the way adult teeth grow, it’s imperative to make sure they’re in good shape – and it’s a wonderful opportunity to instill healthy brushing habits from a very young age.

Dentist visits don’t have to be filled with worry, angst, or screaming from your children. Come to Hines Little Smiles, and ensure that your children get the treatment they deserve and need.

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