Super Moms and Super Dads

Super Dad

Our little patients are important to us, and so are you! As parents and caretakers, you are crucial to your child's dental health. It’s hard to wrangle those kids every morning and every night and get them to brush their teeth. Trust us; we know. But without your persistence and influence, dental hygiene would be impossible for your young kids. And the habits your kids set at a young age will likely be the habits they keep throughout their lives. That’s why, at Hines Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we want to recognize you moms, dads, and caretakers of every type for all the hard work you put into helping your children establish healthy habits from a young age. We appreciate you and think you are super! In fact, we think you’re a superhero.

We like to honor our Super Moms and Super Dads by posting your pictures to our Facebook page, just like we do for our Cavity-Free Club. When your little ones come in for a cleaning and a check-up, we may invite you to don a cape and pose for a superhero picture. You deserve the credit for all that hard work; let us help you get recognition in a fun, unique way that's sure to get some likes!

Our creative and lively atmosphere is something we prioritize. This is how we help kids feel comfortable about their appointments. By posing for a superhero snapshot, you’re helping your child to feel less worried and anxious about their visit. See, you really are super.

So keep it up! Here are some guidelines for helping your kids with their teeth.

Super Mom

  • Brush with your kids! Young kids mimic what they see around them, so when you brush with your kids you can show them how to best clean all of their pearly whites by cleaning your own. It can also help them to see the importance of brushing morning and night if they see you do it often.
  • Talk about dental health with your kids. Knowledge about what brushing does, and what it prevents, is important. It can motivate kids so that brushing doesn't feel like an arbitrary chore. Talk honestly about what is at stake when we don’t take care of our teeth.
  • Help you young toddler learn to brush by guiding his or her hands. Don’t just brush their teeth for them. Rather, get them involved in the process. This can help them master the back and forth motion that will keep their teeth clean. Also, guide them to reach them gums. After you have shown them how to brush, don’t forget to let them try on their own! Check to be sure they are mastering proper brushing technique.
  • Make sure they are not consistently missing any teeth! Help them if necessary to make sure that every tooth surface is adequately brushed. One spot that is consistently overlooked will start to form tartar and cavities, even if the rest of their teeth are sparkling.
  • Call us if you have any questions. We’d love to help you take care of your child’s teeth! Our attention to our patients is why many parents say we are the best pediatric dentist in Columbus, Ohio.

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